The Global Revival Network with UMKD Tanzania

this is organization based to help Christian people  from Different Dinominations  in Tanzania and all the  world ,we invite church partners to work together



Our calling and purpose is to …Serve, Equip and Assist You in Fulfilling Your God-Given Vision.

Our Goal as a Fellowship is to Win SOULS to Christ, Fulfilling the Great Commission.

We are the Association of GRN– originally organized and chartered in 2015 under the name “Ministers Association Internatinal ” –  a local ministerial fellowship office at Dodoma Tanzania on we was start at  2015 for the plan of God  over forten years of ministry experience, a fresh vision for soul winning, church planting, missions, and Christian education expanded theNational and  Fellowship internationally.  Today GRN is a respected Association with severa countries in Africa and out of Africa ; Ministries divisions. As a members was joining with us  once quipped, “GRN has be

En Militated by other groups, but never duplicated!”

Currently our Church-Ministry Division has members throughout the Tanzania and US and with thousands of men and women of God under the banner of GRN   around the world, the Fellowship now has membership and contacts in over sixty countries. We provide ministerial credentials for qualified applicants (both men and women). We offer chaplain endorsement forFederal Prisons. We offer subordinates status for the  23(c)(3) tax exempt status under our group exemption toonline training and  Churches, Evangelistic Ministries, Counseling Centers, School of Music & Worship Ministries, Christian Schools, and Bible Colleges through the  Fellow GRN schoolraship and our group that cover non-church ministries  also

Come and fellowship with those of like precious faith at district and area meetings, and meet believers from around the world at the  GRN World Dep Grace  Conference, held annually at the headquarters in Dodoma Tanzania and other locations. International conferences are held throughout the year in various Africa,

One of the primary missions of GRN  is fulfilled through its educational divisions – Lifeway Ministries International   Institute & Seminary and E.H.C  – training hundreds of indigenous ministers in many countries and in the TZ. Students from numerous denominations enroll in a par excellence study program to earn a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree. Held concurrently with the DEP GRACE Conference, the highlight of the year is graduation when students from coast to coast and around the world gather to receive their degrees. When you become a member of , GRN  you become part of the vision to educate Ministers laymen and ministers around the globe for the glory of God.